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Bed Bug Treatment

Get Top Quality Bed Bug Treatment At A&B Carpet!  

Do you know roaches and mosquitoes are not the only pests you need to watch out for? There are even smaller pests roaming freely in your household, and those are bedbugs. You can find them breeding anywhere in your living room, bedroom or closets. They are mostly seen in mattresses, beddings, upholstery, and carpets.

At A&B Carpet we are an experienced team of more than 30 years who will help you get rid of these insects through our effective bed bug treatment.

Getting rid of bed bugs is highly essential:

It is very important that you immediately get them removed from your home or office. The reason being they are parasites and live on your blood. They live within the fibers of the mattress and hence, you might have bites on your leg. Remember, you won’t feel the bites immediately. Rather, they will be visible after a day or two.

In a day bed, bugs can lay up to 10 eggs. You can guess how quickly the infestation spreads widely. If you avoid getting rid of the bed bugs, this might result in causing serious health problems as well.  

Hygiene is the word here!

We have seen severe cases when people have suffered from infections, allergies, depression, and insomnia. Hence, you must take it seriously and call us to offer you an effective treatment.

How do we perform bed bug treatment?    

At A&B Carpet we treat everything that has been affected by bed bugs. Our experts will go to the deepest layers of the fiber and furniture to remove these annoying insects. We use strong cleaning liquids (aloe and citrus based products; 100% eco-friendly) along with hot water for a highly effective result.

Before we start, our team performs an initial inspection to detect the potentially infested spots and the extent of their spreads. As per that requirement, we will use the most effective treatment procedure.

Recommendation from our experts:

While we have solutions for your bed bug problem, you should always take preventive measures so that these insects cannot infect again. It is better to get your mattress and upholstery cleaned twice in a year. Call us, A&B Carpet for the best professional cleaning. We are there for you round the clock.

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If you think you need immediate bed bug treatment, don’t waste a minute. Call us at (800) 743 -0034 and our customer service team will get back to you. We have been widely known across the Tri-State area for our competitive rates and top-notch service.

We also offer you a free pickup and delivery reducing all your hassles. Let us fight those bed bugs ensuring you enjoy a sound sleep!